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High success in mainstreaming mentally challenged children in formal schools

In last two years (2011-12) Charaibeti (Special Education on Wheels) project helped 75 children with disabilities to be mainstreamed in different schools. Amongst these 75 children 35 were either mentally challenged or with cerebral palsy. Another 6 children were with multiple disabilities who got mainstreamed. Amongst the 35 mentally challenged and children with cerebral palsy, 25 were mainstreamed in different government schools.

The main objective of the project has always been to help the children cope with daily living skills and start the process of formal education with an aim to mainstream in the future. But we never expected such a success rate. Our focus on mainstreaming, working closely with parents, schools and local communities and our high faith on 'DIFFERENT ABILITIES' of these children made it possible. The project team is in continuous touch with the schools so as to ensure that children mainstreamed there are able to cope and continue.

Data on mainstreaming:

Disabilities No. of Children Mainstreamed
  Govt. Schools Special Schools Private Schools Total
Mentally Challenged 7 5 0 12
Cerebral Palsy 18 4 1 23
Hearing Impairment 8 6 1 15
Visual Impairment 0 2 0 2
Multiple Disabilities 3 3 0 6
Locomotor Disabilities 12 0 5 17
48 20 7 75

Apart from mainstreaming the children in different schools the project also mainstreamed 12 youths with disabilities in different vocational training institutes.

Under Charaibeti project we are working towards disabled friendly and sustainable communities. Recently Government of India has recognized this effort and granted 100% tax exemption for any donation to the project.

We sincerely thank Mr. Akshay Jaitly and Solidar'India for their support to continue this effort...we need more support..