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You are hereRespite Care Centre for Children with Disability in Kolkata, India

Respite Care Centre for Children with Disability in Kolkata, India

A Fundraising Appeal to Raise $100,000

Partho Haldar is a 7 year old child who is mentally disabled. His father is a vegetable vendor and earns about Rs. 2,000 (US$45) a month. He lives in a slum in Kolkata. His mother died when he was a baby. His father tries to take care of him as best as possible and often takes Partho with him when he goes to the market to sell vegetables. With Partho growing up, it is becoming increasingly difficult for his father to look after him as well as to earn a livelihood. Partho urgently needs affordable day care, which is largely unavailable to the many thousands of children with disabilities like Partho, living in Kolkata.

Tomorrow’s Foundation (TF) and Disability:

TF was started in 1991 with the objective of mainstreaming the street and slum children of Kolkata, through education and vocational training. Over its twenty years of experience, TF has been facing growing demand from the marginalized communities it works with, to provide help and support specifically targeted at children with mental and/or physical disabilities. Latest figures estimate that there are 150,000 children with disabilities living in Kolkata and at present, there is a serious shortage of affordable, quality services available to meet their needs.

In response, TF has set up two mobile units in 2010, specially designed and fabricated to cater to the needs of children with disabilities living in the slums. Special educators and therapists aboard these buses provide tailor-made education and therapy to physically and mentally challenged children from within the communities where TF works.

TF’s Proposed Respite Care Centre:

To meet the increasingly urgent demand from carers of children with disabilities, TF proposes to set up a Respite Care Centre in Kolkata. For carers of children with special needs, respite care - which gives them a break - can provide the time to restore depleted inner resources and enable them to continue giving critical care. It is often a vital service. TF’s proposed service will provide a much needed break to carers and their disabled children, both to learn to live without each other and to enjoy being apart without feeling guilty or depressed. Activities at the centre will focus on daily living skills, vocational training, personalized special education and advice on physical management, counselling and guidance.

TF’s Respite Care Centre Appeal: Target $100,000

Please help us to achieve our fundraising target of $100,000 by kindly making a contribution at www.tomorrowsfoundation.org. This will meet the operational costs of running a respite care centre for four years in Kolkata. Following this, TF will be eligible to apply for capital funding to set-up a residential long-term care home for deprived and marginalized disabled children, near Kolkata.

For further information, please contact: Ms Indrani Roy, Governing Body – Tomorrow’s Foundation

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