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TF - Sport dans la Ville Sports Exchange Programme (2011)

By raj_tf - Posted on 05 March 2011

Like last year, Tomorrow's Foundation collaborated with Sport dans la Ville, France to conduct a 7 day long sports exchange programme between deprived children of Kolkata, Dantewada and France. The children will practice football, play friendly matches, watch movies, visit historical and important places and most importrantly learn new skills. We are going to update this page every day with the happenings of the exchange programme. Last year's report is available here: http://www.tomorrowsfoundation.org/?q=node/92.

The Seventh Day:

Today was the final day of the exchange programme. All children gathered in the football ground and started with a warming up session.

The warming up session was followed up by a practice session.

At 3-30 all children were divided into 4 groups. They played 3 matches to select the winner and the runners-up.

All four teams were greeted before starting the matches.

An interesting moment from semi-final match.

Another moment from the matches played.

The winner team receiving their trophy.

Every participant received a memento. 

The French children received their mementos from Ms. Reeta Ghosh Dastidar.

Ms. Solenne Roland thanks everyone on behalf of Sport dans la Ville.

Mr. Arup Ghosh - founder member of Tomorrow's Foundation also thanked everyone.

A cultural evening was organised in TF's Mother Project. The French children presented whatever they leaned in last 7 days.

Children from TF's Mother Project also presented their dancing skills.

Yoga show by TF children.

French children singing with a TF child and a teacher.

The exchange programme ended with a dinner at the house of Mr. Swarup Ghosh - another founder member of TF.

The Sixth Day:

Today the visiting group met the French Consulate in Kolkata along with members of Governing Body of Tomorrow's Foundation. They also had lunch with the French Consulate. Unfortunately, we do not have any photograph of these moments.

In the evening the visiting group learned a new skill - Indian Cooking. Governing Body members of TF helped them to learn the skill.

The day ended with a dinner with the dishes prepared in the cooking class.

The Fifth Day:

Today it was a programme outside Kolkata. The SDLV group along with TF children visited TF's Jyotishka Project which is meant for mainstreaming children who seasonally migrate to brick kilns. Here the group is crossing the river Damodar to reach the project site.

Arrival at the project site...

The group visiting bridge course and crèche centres of Jyotishka Project...

Interaction with the children. Most of them are tribal children migrated from Jharkhand...

The group was welcomed with beating of drums. Most of them took interest in learning the drums..

It was time to break into the dancing session... it was a fun all around...

Happy moments by the side of river Damodar..

The group again crossed the river to see Indian agricultural fields. This particular place is famous for producing flowers...

Arrangements for cooking and lunch were also arranged by the side of the river...

The group was to lay a friendly football match with the local children. Crowds gathered in large numbers to see the match. Our partner NGOs KPCWA and Barbaria Bratachari Dham helped us in organizing this match..

A tensed moment of the match..

Another moment of the match..

Crowd during half time. The local children won the match by 4-1 goals.

Winning team with their trophy...

The local children also received mementos from SDLV..

The Fourth Day:

After the usual Yoga and Tabla session the SDLV children and personnel visited CEEP (Community Education and Empowerment Programme) centres of TF.

The group had interactions with children and teachers in the CEEP centres.

And they shared lots of love and compassion...

Each member of the group tried to help the children learn within this short period of time..

It was time for having a fun time with the children..

Then it was time for learning finer skills of football at Kishore Bharati Krirangan..

Learning finer skills of football...

Getting instructions for the practice match..

Leaving for practice match...

The practice match. After the practice match the group visited TF's Mother Project and had interactions with children...

The Third Day:

Today was the day for Rugby. Orientation and training on Rugby was organized by a group named Jungle Crow.

Rugby match...

A tense moment..

It's time for getting some rest...

A joyous moment..

All of them together...

The day ended with visit to a movie hall for watching a Hindi movie...

The Second Day:

The day started with Yoga and Pranayam classes. The visiting children and youths will spend their mornings by learning new skills.

After Yoga it was time to learn Tabla. The visiting group always takes maximum interest in this instrument.

It might take a longer period to learn finer skills of Tabla - but learning the basic are always fun.

This time the girls too joined the boys in Tabla class.

It was then time for practicing football. The children here are warming up before starting to learn finer skills of football.

Warming up...

This time 5 girls from Uttaran - Dantewada project of TF has come to participate in the exchange programme.

Learning the finer skills...

Learning the finer skills...

In the evening the French group joined children at TF Cultural Unit. They are teaching our children some new dancing skills here.

The singing class...

French students teaching new painting skills...

The First Day:

Sport dans la Ville trainer Carole... TF Admin Office was the first stop for the students and trainers from France.

The group - immediately after welcome ceremoney

A quick lunch at TF Admin Office

Bengali Class: The Franch participants of the exchange programme learned basic Bengali conversations

Meeting of old friends: TF child Arindam meeting Fabien from Sport dans la Ville. Arindam went to France to participate in a summer camp organized by Sport dans la Ville in France last year

French students teaching some drawing skills to TF children at TF Mother Project

French students teaching some drawing skills to TF children at TF Mother Project

Introduction session between French and Indian students who play football

Arpan, TF Football Trainer explaining the schedule for next 7 days.