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From student to teacher: The story of Susmita Santra

By raj_tf - Posted on 17 September 2011

A busy Susmita in her class

Susmita Santra, one of the students of Model School, started remedial coaching in 1999, when she was in class IX. Since that date and with her hard work and effort, she is now one of the permanent teachers of the Model School.

Daughter of Sanbhu Santra and Basanti Santra, Susmita stays in Manaharpukur Road in a downtrodden locality. When she did not get promotion in class IX in the formal school she was forced to drop out. At that time, Tomorrow’s Foundation – encouraged her to pursue her formal education from the Open School by giving her the guidance of immediate coaching. After hard work, she had succeeded in achieving her goal.

After passing the Madhyamik examination (Class X), she took the Montessori training and is presently serving Tomorrow’s Foundation as a primary teacher. The contribution of Tomorrow’s Foundation in Susmita’s educational life has been a big achievement and she has also equally showed her efficiency and has helped the organization to achieve its goal. Susmita became an essential person of the school today by representing herself as an example how she is helping children to gain confidence and be independent as her.

When she began to work as a teacher, Susmita was facing lot of problems in interacting with the parents, as well as mingling with her own colleagues. Similarly, she has faced problems while explaining to the students. But, gradually, she overcame all difficulties that she faced. At the beginning, Susmita started her professional career by earning Rs. 300 but after showing improvement and hard word, Tomorrow’s Foundation was glad to pay Rs. 4,500 per month and recruited her as a permanent teacher.

Susmita with amother TF student who became a teacher Shakuntala

Susmita, 24-years old, stands as an ideology for every woman who want, with strong determination and proper guidance, shines like her bright star and act like a radar of a ship. Considering Susmita’s experience, we could proudly announce that by promoting education, the lifestyle can be raised into a high level and the person can feel herself reliant. Our will is not only a dream but becomes true to be a person like Susmita and set an example like her.