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Raise Resources

Our children need clothes, uniforms, books, education material, computers, sports material, material for painting, musical instruments etc. The list gets longer - but all of these are related to education or latent talent development. You can arrange the same for them.

Discarding your old computer and purchasing a new one? Donate the old one to our children. Your neighbor is donating clothes? Many of our children suffer due to lack of clothes. Donate the same for our children. Do not forget to deliver cleaned/washed clothes.

Can you raise resources to provide uniforms to 10 children?
We are just a phone call/ email away.

Are you working in a Corporate House? Engage yourself and your friends to support the cause of children. Donate just Rs. 100 from your salary. You do not even have to issue a cheque or submit cash. Have a group of 10 of your coworkers to donate Rs. 100 or more every month. The amount will be deducted from your salary - you and your co-workers have to sign a simple agreement.

Can you manage a donation box? Do you have contact with shopping malls or big shops? Contact us. We will give you a donation box to install in these places. We are sure that you will ensure that our brochures are kept near these donation boxes.

These are only few options - possibilities to raise resources for the children of Tomorrow's Foundation are unlimited. Tell us ways by which you can raise resources so that these children get a dignified life.

Contact us to help underprivileged children