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Brief History of Tomorrow's Foundation

1990-91: The journey began from the terrace of Mother Teresa's 'Nirmal Hriday' with 17 children being given non-formal education with little things (such as milk and biscuits) for motivation. Arup Ghosh and Swarup Ghosh established Tomorrow's Foundation with blessings from Mother Teresa.

1991-92: Non-formal education continued; more and more children were encouraged to join. Their numbers slowly increased to 50.

1992-93: The number of children increased steadily as word of the endeavour spread. The need for formal schooling began to be felt.

1993-94: Janine Walter, a French educationist, joined our team; DTMS, a local corporation school, was identified and many of our children were admitted to the formal schooling systems.

Janine Walter, Founder of

Janine Walter, founder member of Calcutta de la rue à l'école, with children of Tomorrow's Foundation

1994-95: A project was started jointly with Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC); arrangements were made for providing the children with mid-day meals; uniforms were given to inculcate a sense of belonging; Calcutta de la rue à l'école formed in France as a twin association to support the project.

1995-96: Vocational training programmes (sewing, drawing, handicrafts, etc.) were introduced; 80 children were provided educational support besides vocational training.

1996-97: Introduction of Evening Tutorial support for the students; another CMC school at Sarat Bose Road involved; hostel placements, cultural support, regular home visits, parents' awareness programmes, training programmes for the teachers, etc. became regularised; CMC recognised our efforts and provided educational support to 100 children.

1997-98: Participation in international youth exchange programme with French students; excellent international cultural exchange programmes between India and France took place; support extended to 120 students; TF got a proper office.

1998-99: The Card Project (TFCP) launched to impart vocational training along with non-formal education to formal school dropouts; educational support was extended to 140 children with 7 children placed in various hostels; medical and home visit cells began functioning; our students participated in an International Art Exhibition in France, where two of them received special awards.

1999-00: Closer ties with CMC authorities for a better educational support; UNESCO study showed prospects of TF's being a 'Model NGO' in the Eastern Zone.

2000-01: 13 children admitted in TFCP (open school). More professional ways of operation; more tie ups with NGOs and NGO forums.

2001-02: Arrangements made for providing the children with proper diet with help from noted consultants. General medical camps, eye and dental check-up camps held; Health Cards issued to all children; counseling unit split into two cells - psychological counselling cell and career counselling cell.

2002-03: Several victims of Tolly Nullah evacuation drive were rescued and provided shelter. 245 children were provided with insurance cover by Green Club, a voluntary organisation. TF's card project bagged orders from the corporate sector. TF welcomed visitors from Switzerland, France, the UK and UNICEF. Construction of the 'Half-way Home' for children neared completion.

2003-04: Development of adolescents through skill development (supported by GOAL India) started in April 2004. We established our own Half Way Home and Administrative Office. Started computer literacy programme.

2004-05: Along with all the existing programmes one new programme introduced this year: the Community Based Education Program. Special weekly health clinic introduced with the help of CLPOA in Kalighat area (southern part of the city) for all community children. Intervention in new areas started - Tangra and Dhapa (Eastern Part of the City) - on Education.

2005-06: Established another Field Office in Tangra (Eastern Part of the city). Formed Tomorrow's Foundation Children Council with the adolescents of different programmes. A joint program on Adult Education started with Kolkata Municipal Corporation. We became the ERG member of GOAL India Education Team this year.

BHARANI'S TROPHY: Our children stood first in inter NGO cultural competition on 28th December, 2008

2006-07: TF"s Child Protection Policy introduced.
Initiative taken to establish Multi Activity Centre (MAC ) Project in Kalighat Area. Initiative taken to build a home for differently-abled children in Kolkata. Work started with Concern India Foundation. Completed implementation of REACH India project. Helped 800 urban deprived children to get proper Birth Registration Certificates.

2008-09: Started 9 year long project for rehabilitation of children orphaned by violence in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, started Jyotishka project for  mainstreaming of children/working in brick kilns, started Special Education on Wheel for mainstreaming of differently abled children in Kolkata, started Diganta project (5 government schools) with a aim to make schools accountable to the poor. Got recognition from NCVT (National Council for Vocational Training) and started training centres in Bankura and Kolkata.

2009-10: Tomorrow’s Foundation (TF) completed it’s 19th year of service for the deprived children of Kolkata. For the first time in 19 years TF started a full-fledged intervention with government collaboration. Uttran – Dantewada for the orphan children was started with financiall, material and infrastructural help from the government of Chhatisgarh. Collaboration with government and sustainability of the interventions improved with approval by Kolkata Municpal Corporation (KMC) to project Diganta which aims at making government schools accountable to the poor and government grant for providing mid-day mealss. Interventions for out-of-school children lead to mainstreaming another 204 children who were in the age group of 9-14 years – intervention started for mainstreaming out-of-school children affected by seasonal migration from brick kilns.

2010-11: Collaborations with local and state governments were strengthened by recognition of TF Model School by KMC and approval of new projects by Rajib Gandhi Shiksha Mission (Chhattisgarh).A 9 year long intervention started in Bijapur for 50 orphan boys who were affected by violence. TF also started innovative projects like Hole-in-Wall, Charaibeti (special education on wheels) and expanded interventions for children affected by seasonal migration. Existing project like CBEP was re-formulated to focus on community empowerment rather than providing charity based services. Collaborations with corporate houses got a major boost.

2011-12: Three new institutional collaborations for four projects – Paul Hamlyn Foundation started supporting Uttaran – Bastar, UNICEF (Chhattisgarh) started supporting Dishari, and Mennonite Central Committee started supporting TF’s Model School. TF also received corporate supports from Foundation Air Liquide for Jyotishka project. In Dantewada two new initiatives started – Shilpa Gram – an initiative to train semi literate youths in trades with high market demand and Dishari – an initiative to improve quality education and child protection in the residential centres being run by the government. Finally, 3 seasonal hostels could be started in receiving areas of Jharkhand with support from Foundation BHARATI (Netherlands) and Foundation Air Liquide (France). After 20 years TF could started its operation in North Kolkata. With support from French Emabassy of India the Charaibeti project for mainstreaming of children with disabilities is run both South, East and North Kolkata.

2012-13- 8406 children from 8 districts of 3 states have been reached through TF projects in 2012-13. More than 6700 children and young adults from Dantewada and Sukma district, Chhattisgarh, received services as part of the TF Dishari Project supported by UNICEF.All children from the Uttaran-Bastar project have been mainstreamed in the formal school system according to their age. The Charaibeti Project provided special education, therapy and counseling services to 303 children. Thanks to Charaibeti, 83 children with disabilities have been mainstreamed in the formal school system. TF conducted a study covering 76 Panchayets from 8 affected districts of Jharkhand to understand the extent of the issue of seasonal migration. Children from Model School were invited for a children’s party at Raj Bhavan to meet the Honorable Governor of West Bengal, Shri M. K. Narayanan. TF has trained 200 young adults as part of the Shilpa Gram project.95 have been placed in jobs, 26 are self-employed. The others have decided to continue their education. As per the study report more than 70,000 children migrate every year and remain out-of-school.TF is currently taking care of 198 children in 3 seasonal hostels established in 3 affected Panchayets of Jharkhand.


2013-14:  375 children with disabilities got rehabilitation services. 116 mentally challenged children andf other children with disabilities have been mainstreamed in formal schools.  3 girls and 2 boys weent to France in January for 15 days to attend the Summer Camp where they received coaching in football. They got an opportunity to participate in  matches in Delhi.  TF’s team conducted training in Mathematics and language for Chhattisgarh Governments Porta Cabin.170 children from brick klins in Jharkhand got support through seasonal hstels who are in school now.Peroject Rainbow started  in 2013-14 helping in creating  awareness against child labour in and aroud Raipur.  The Raipur Municipal authorities  are now actively invoved in the process.