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Jaya Majumdar: voted best teacher (2008-09) for her innovative evaluation methods

By raj_tf - Posted on 22 May 2009

Jaya is one of our teachers working at our “Mother Project”. With more than 10 years teaching with Tomorrow’s Foundation, she is one of our oldest team members. A very popular teacher, she is loved by all the children, not least for her lovely singing voice and her artistic skills and creativity.

Jaya during the celebration of Tagore's birthday.

In September 2008, 8 teachers of the Mother Project started implementing new innovative methods of teaching and evaluation of the students. A new methodology based on active learning was adopted, where students play an active part in the learning and get more involved, as opposed to being mere passive listeners. It was decided to change the pattern of all examinations which, in addition to causing stress and fear among the students, don’t actually benefit them, as they only require them to memorize things without actually teaching them anything.

In April 2009 the teachers ranked all evaluation models. It didn’t come as a surprise that Jaya was unanimously voted best teacher and got the best marks for her innovative evaluation methods. She is going to receive an award of Rs.5000 for her efforts and best practice.

We would like to congratulate Jaya and wish her many more years of creative collaboration with us at Tomorrow’s Foundation.