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The best teacher of 2009-2010: Ms. Soma Chakraborty

By raj_tf - Posted on 24 June 2010

Since last year we have started give an award to the best performing teacher from Tf Mother Project. Last year Ms. Jaya Majumdar was the recipient of this award. This year Ms. Soma Chakraborty has been selected as the 'best performing teacher'.

On 31st May, 2010 the President of Tomorrow's Foundation Ms. Ranju Ghosh, the Secretary Ms. Kaberi Banerjee and last year's awardee Ms. Jaya Majumdar jointly gave the award to Ms. Chakraborty. Last year the teachers of Mother Project selected the awardee on the basis of different indicators. This year the selection was made on four indicators a) achievement of the students, b) creativity, c) involvement of students in the teaching learning process and d) use of teaching learning materials.

The data driven selection process was lengthy and it was very competitive as since last April we have started implementing 'Activity Based Learning' in Mother Project.


Ms. Soma Chakraborty in one of her classes

Ms. Chakraborty has been teaching in TF's Mother Project for the last 4 years. She is B.A. Hons. in Economics and has successfully completed a teacher's training programme.