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Uttaran: Small steps towards a big goal

We felt extremely proud when the “Development of Adolescents through Skill Development” was implemented with all desired targets and objectives achieved within the stipulated period of time. Under this project 100 youths from the most underprivileged backgrounds were not only trained in various professional and technical courses but they were also supported to complete the next level of education.

Though Tomorrow’s Foundation has been working with children, adolescents and youths from underprivileged backgrounds to establish them as respectable citizens with required skills and self-confidence from its inception, this project has helped us to push the same agenda further in a very comprehensive manner.

Participants of the Induction Meeting at Kalighat: Uttaran is formally started

Uttaran has been initiated to push forward the same agenda of providing a better future for underprivileged youths. 100 youths who were supported under the earlier project identified another 100 youths from their own localities and provided the initial mentoring support. This month we started working directly with these newly identified persons along with many others from similar backgrounds. Thanks to Mr. Akshay Jaitly for supporting TF to start Uttaran.

Girls from Kalighat are being oriented with the concept of Uttaran

The mission of Uttaran is very simple - Facilitating the process of finding enhanced career opportunities for 100 youths through skill development, career counseling and handholding.

All trainees, apart from their specific training, will also receive basic computer orientation, and those identified with a potential to develop computer skills will be extended extra support.

TF will organize exposure visit, orientation based on their training trade.

We are sure that we will achieve our mission and in the process be able to reach out to more deserving youths.

Mr. Ashis Roy - the Project Officer of Uttaran talking to youths.