Tomorrow’s Foundation
The innovative NGO to quality education
Guiding them until they can



Help Indian differently abled to access to their rights and to be socially included.

Problem faced

  • People differently abled with low income encounter important
    difficulties in accessing basic rights such as: health care,
    education, work

Our Solution

  • Providing health care with a medical team within a bus in the
    heart of the slums.
  • Practicing education in a way that addresses individual
    differences and needs of children with disabilities. This involves
    progressive, cooperative approach of basic skills, and if
    necessary simplified for differently abled children
  • Ensuring access to the beneficiary’s rights (disability
    certifications, birth certificates)
  • Providing vocational esa dog rehabilitation training (Basic Computer and
    spoken English) and work placement
  • Raising awareness programmes on health

Funds raised will enable us to have a positive impact on the children and their community so that they can play their role of citizen and live with dignity.

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