Charaibeti, a project directed at under-privileged children with disabilities consists of three
mobile units (remodeled and refurbished buses) which bring physiotherapy / physical rehabilitation,
care and special education into the heart of the slums. It started in 2010 with just a few children,
and today, 502 children and young adults are beneficiaries of the project. In addition to education, some livelihood and social welfare assistance is also provided through links with the respective Government departments and their inclusive education programs).
Although cerebral palsy and mental retardation are the predominant conditions of most of the children benefitting from the Charaibeti Project, some of the other children and youth with physical disabilities such as visual or hearing impairment are coached with special education classes and mainstreamed into formal schools.

Project Details

Charaibeti’s goal is to promote inclusive development so that young people and children with
disabilities receive equal access to education, healthcare and job opportunities. Those who are unable to complete formal education are offered vocational training. In 2016, TF started an initiative with Anudip Foundation to offer computer training skills to youth with disabilities.

Success Stories

Mother of one of the students in the Charaibeti Project.
“There is no way that I can send my son to a regular school. He has had polio from the age of 18 months and cannot use his legs. On this bus, he can at least learn to recognize the figures and alphabets, he also gets some physiotherapy and medicines which help strengthen the muscles of his legs …”