Tomorrow’sFoundation(CEEP)startedin 2005 with the objective of making education sustainable with in
an urban slum setting, with a specific focus on working women (such as domestic workers) and girl children to change the level of awareness among stall stakeholders towards education, health ,hygiene,child rights and protection-as well as sexual behaviours habits and practices.

Project details

Advocacy and out reach with parents to motivate them for sending their children to school and to see that they are not dropping out.

Setting remedial and coaching classes within the community to support the children specially first-generation learners who cannot cope with the studies.
Bridge courses and vocational training for school drop-outs and young adults.

Success Stories

Babita Biswas
She is 21 years old. She lives with her parents in a brick house in the Chetla Lock Gate area.
She wanted to attend the tailoring classes so that she could earn an income to help the family’s
finances and become independent. As a result of her financial inputs (around Rs 5000 per month), her family now has a total income of about Rs 8,500. This has given them a much higher level of comfort and security than they were used to, before. Babita has completed the Basic and Advance Courses of tailoring and stitching and can do many kinds of stitching. She now wants to buy her own sewing machine.


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