The first Model School was started in 2010, in collaboration with the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), at the Dharmadas Trust School (DTS) in Chetla. The objective was to develop a model for primary education which could be replicated in other municipality schools, once proven successful. It started with a team from Tomorrow’s Foundation (TF) visiting the homes of the families living in the slums of Kalighat, Tollygunge, Chetla and Sarat Bose Road to reach out to the parents of children who were not going to school at all.This outreach with the families convinced them hat their children should take advantage of the free schooling offered by the Municipal Schools, with TF by their side to help with coaching and remedial classes.

Project Details

children within the age group of 3 to 10 years steadily enrolled in the DTS and were coached by the trained teachers of TF during the evening classes. The teachers’ expertise, experience and use of tools focusing on Competency-Based Learning created an environment where the students began to enjoy their studies immensely. The drop-outs decreased and enrolment continued to increase. After the completion of Primary Education in the Model School, the children’s academic performance and competency had improved to the stage, where most of them could be mainstreamed into local Government Schools or Private Schools for the secondary level.

Success Stories

Sweta Mallick, is the daughter of a sweeper. She is an extremely talented girl. Before joining the TF Model School, she went to a private school where lack of support and very high fees made her mother skeptical about her future. Then, she put her daughter into the TF Model School and now is very happy to see Sweta participating in various activities andexcelling in studies. With the help of teachers and her willingness to learn, Sweta has known a remarkable improvement in her favorite subject:English.
She is able to talk in English and hopes that she will be able to write flawlessly, soon. Sweta’s eagerness to learn and her excellence in studies makes her a star student of the TF Model School.