Project Diganta is a new joint venture of TF and the KMC to replicate and scale up the Model
School Project in 11 KMC English Medium Schools. The challenges remain much the same
as those faced when the first Model School was started in 2010. The majority of the children
are first-generation learners and it is essential to reach out to the parents to convince them
that their children will benefit from schooling.

Project Details

The initiatives in Project Diganta are based on the Model School Project and cover:Classroom Activities, Academic Planning and Monitoring, Cultural Programmes andCompetitions, Parent Teacher Meetings, and Teachers Training. Further components are:the Mid-Day Meal given by KMC, Home Visits, Resource Room Teaching, and Upward Linkage to mainstream students into secondary level schools when they are ready, Health support, Advocacy and School Management Committee formation and activities. Adoor-to-door survey was conducted to identify the children to be enrolled, repeated parent meetings in the community were held to motivate and counsel them, local clubs were involved to identify new students for the schools and even the Local Municipal Councilors were requested to become motivators.