(STEP) aims to empower marginalized youth by enhancing Ericsson – Smile Foundation funded STEP provides technical/professional training towards school/college dropouts, so that they can find employment.
their job prospects in the booming service and retail sectors. It provides skill-based education in tandem with market requirements. The location of the programme is in one of the poorest areas of the city of Kolkata. It covers Tangra in the North Eastern part of the city, which includes Dhapa, Motijheel, Bibibagan and the surrounding areas in Wards 56, 57, 58, 59 of the KMC

Project details

The living conditions here are extremely meager and the services of municipal or state governments are not adequate. These slum locations are inhabited by daily laborers. Most of the parents are involved in hazardous jobs; as a result, their children also follow them into the same jobs. To add to the problems,there is also rampant drug peddling (even by children), alcohol abuses and crime. Parents work throughout the day, leaving the younger children in care of their adolescent siblings. They neither have the time nor the knowledge and capability to guide their adolescent wards any kind of job or life skills.