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This section outlines the problem statement, the context and the rationale for the Programme Overview of the existing problem, using data (disaggregated) from existing reports; who is affected and what are the barriers/bottlenecks to outcomes for children?
Urban children and youth in the under-privileged areas of Kolkata, West Bengal (especially those in urban slums) are extremely vulnerable, to:
• Sexual exploitation and abuse, trafficking and commercial sex work for both girls and boys;
• Labour exploitation and denial of schooling, especially for boys;
• Voluntary or financially imposed school drop-outs for both girls and boys, exacerbate by their lack of ability to cope with studies, lack of parental guidance, and lack of interest and motivation to study without any focus or clear picture of how their studies will help them in future;
• Early marriage and early motherhood for girls, as parents do not want girls to study further and feel that their responsibility ends if they can be married;
• Early and secretive experimentation with sex without adequate awareness of sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancies, HIV/AIDS and poor idea of how to prevent such occurrences and adopt healthy behaviours;
• Overall low morale and self-esteem coupled with anger, frustration and resentment at being deprived – a situation exacerbated by Media and TV exposure and which often leads to crime, substance abuse, violence,
• Anti-social behaviour in general, politically driven hoodlumism, etc. All of this prevents a vital component of society, from realising its full potential.


This section briefly mentions the practical measures taken in the programme to address gender, equity and sustainability considerations
This section outlines other partners who have a role in programme implementation, including other organisation providing technical and financial support for the programme. This section would also specify whether UNICEF has approved any aspect of the programme document to be sub-contracted to another entity.

1. Government Hospital.
2. KMC Health & Education Department.
3. Local Influential Persons, Local Club, Local Councillors.
4. Local Police Station.
5. Child Welfare Department.
6. Local formal schools (SSA, KMCP)
7. Board of Open School.
8. NGOs.

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