The Uttaran Bastar Project encompasses two residential homes in Chhattisgarh: Dantewada and Bijapur. The Project was started in 2010 and directed at addressing the needs of children who had lost their homes, parents and families due to the insurgency troubles in that area.
These children (100 girls in Dantewada and 50 boys in Bijapur) had, through the force of circumstances, dropped out of the school system because of their status of being uprooted.

project details

The Uttaran Bastar Project offers child protection, residential security with full board and lodging, counseling, training in health and hygiene matters along with schooling. Monthly medical visits are organized in the offices of the site administration as well as in the center of Dantewada. The schooling is an intensive course of 18 months in both the two residential centers to upgrade the educational levels of the students and help them re-integrate into the formal school system. TF receives considerable help, support and encouragement from the Government of Chhattisgarh to make this project successful. Some of the older children are also provided Skills Development Training and assisted to find jobs.

Success Stories

Durgo’s Story
Durgo has been given a chance to change the course of her life, through TF at Karli,
Dantewada. Durgo Mandavi is 11 years old, the daughter of Suklu Mandavi. She cannot remember when
her mother died. Her father drank a lot and neglected her. To make matters worse, he also forced Durgo to drink and go out to beg. Durgo was malnourished and sickly and also showed signs of physical abuse. Like every young child, Durgo also wanted to study and lead a normal life, but withno way out of the darkness; she was sliding further into addiction to Guttku and alcohol.
Child line- Kirandhul took Durgo’s case and started her process of rehabilitation in July 2015. Her father objected strongly as Durgo’s begging earned money for his own addiction. However, the Childline Team counseled him and ultimately motivated him to send the girl to a hostel to continue her studies.
She came to TF in August 2015 and started to stay at the Porta-Cabin at Karli. She now pursues her education in a safe environment and can look forward to a happy future.