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Guiding them until they can


“Amazing time here. I learned more about students & myself than I have taught. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of TF's staff. All those youth can have a brighter future. Thanks to all, it was a lifetime experience. All the best!”


"This volunteering experience is a great adventure. Working everyday with the excluded Youth is fulfilling and I am very proud of the tremendous improvements they are achieving. They are hardworking, full of envy and motivation to turn the page of exclusion and seize their chance to be part of the decent world. In the Life Project Center of Sangam Vihar, we are working on renovating old Indian home furniture. It is very exciting and the Youths are incredibly creative !”

Eric Barritault

Company Name: LP4YDelhi
Designation: Program coach

“It is incredible what we can do when we work all together for a fair goal. It was very nice to meet all kind-hearted people from TF. I am very glad to be here because it gives me hope for the future and willpower to make things change! Dhon nobad “


“Those two weeks were very interesting and it is a priceless trip. All the team is amazing and open-minded. They were very great with us. The project is very useful, we helped children to be independent, we played with them and all children's smile makes us happy. I am very lucky to be part of this adventure. Thanks for all, take care, all the best!“


“We shared very rich moments with the children and with the educational teams who are very involved and we were welcomed with great generosity and enthusiasm. We left with the heart and the memory full of souvenirs; we are now proud to be able to testify.”

Scouts & Guides de France

“Mennonite Central Committee India is very pleased with the results of our collaboration with Tomorrow's Foundation in the development and ongoing support of a model school in Kolkata. The passion and energy the teachers and staff bring to their work is evident in the students' engagement with the material they are learning. The results these students achieve speak to the long-term impact this project will have on their lives, their families, and their communities.”

Gordon Zook

Company Name: MCC India
Designation: Co-Director

"Over the past 3 years, I've had the opportunity of working with and getting to know the people that keep Tomorrow's Foundation running. It is humbling to to see the dedication and drive for the several projects they undertake. It is a monumental effort to envision, fund-raise and execute programs and TF has been at it for a quarter of a century, with results to show. I'm excited and hopeful about their project Diganta, which is the culmination of several years of work. I hope to see the day when it can attain critical mass and momentum in bringing effective education to all children. Abig shout out to Arup, Swarup and the whole TF team on making it to 25, hope to continue working with you all in the years to come.”

Harsha Kudoor

Company Name: Mother Project
Designation: Donor

Dear Arup, 25 years !!!! Congratulation for the work you are doing. It's for our Foundation a great pleasure to help you. The Charaibeti project is a fantastic project and I hope support it for many years to help these disabled children to find a better life. I hope to visit you at the beginning of next year.Best regards at all the TFteam. Claude”

Claude Castellano Fondation

Company Name: Claude Castellano Fondation

“Delighted to have met with you. You and team are doing some inspiring work. Yes we will get back to you with some thoughts on how our teams can help on the impact assessment piece.”

Jaivir Singh

Company Name: PwC India Foundation
Designation: Vice Chairman

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